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10am - 5pm

Egg Roll


Fresh laid free range eggs from the hens less than 50 yards away on the farm. Served on a light and fluffy brioche bun and with lashings of your favourite sauce

bacon roll.jpg

Bacon Roll


Delicious locally sourced bacon provided by family run butchers in Reigate,

'The Blue Cow'

egg and bacon.jpg

Bacon & Egg Roll


Go on, indulge - twice as nice!

Available 1200-1600

Cheese Tomato Panini.jpg

Cheese & Tomato 


A classic combo with a twist -

melted cheese, freshly sliced tomatoes with a hint of basil 

Tuna Melt Panini.webp

Tuna Melt


Tuna mayonnaise and melted cheddar - a family favourite

Brie Bacon.jpg

Bacon & Brie


A classic combo... bacon & brie

Available all day


All smoothies £3.20

banana oat.jpg

Banana, Oats & Honey

Start your day off with this thick and creamy banana, oat and honey smoothie.


Strawberry, Orange & Spinach

Try this delicious smoothie, pairing sweet fruit and nutritious spinach for a dose of calcium, vit C and fibre


Mixed Berry Blast

A refreshing and healthy combination of fruit and yoghurt that is super tasty


Apple & Mango

This fruity medley is a delicious and mouth watering combination of mango, milk and apples.