Terms & Conditions
  • Hire of the Blue Light Bar is a negotiated fee based upon distance of travel, volume of staff that are required and number of guests attending the event.

  • Prices quoted on your original contact will be honoured, please check your package details carefully.

  • TENS applications can be applied for at the current local authority within a minimum of ten working days of the event. Three weeks prior to the event is recommended. (restrictions apply)

  • We will require access to the event location at least two hours prior to enable set up of the Blue Light Bar.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any guest that appears to be intoxicated or becomes violent towards any member of staff or fellow guest. We also reserve the right to shut the bar down if violence occurs within the controlled licensable area.

  • Any damages and/or articles that are stolen are to be paid for by the event organiser/the person that booked the function. The organiser is responsible for any damages that are carried out by their guests to the fire engine or any items affiliated with it.

  • Deposits are deducted from the final balance. The final balance MUST be paid within a week of the event.

  • The Blue Light Bar operates a strict non-smoking policy within the licensable area to conform to British law, people that ignore this policy will be refused service.

  • Please ensure that access to the event site is available prior to the event as we accept no responsibility for restricted access. The fire engine cannot be set up on muddy, wet ground as this would pose a health & safety risk. On the day a risk assessment will be carried out prior to set up of the Blue Light Bar.

  • The fire engine requires an electric source from a standard 13amp plug connection within 40 metres of setup. A generator would be required for a remote location and this would be an addition to the hire cost.

TENS information

​For private events and persons that would like to hire the Blue Light Bar for retail of alcohol, a TENS application is required. If you would like the Blue Light Bar to apply for a TENS, please advise us within a minimum of three weeks. There is an additional charge for this service. We will complete the application form and apply with an approved personal license holder attending the event. Please refer to our price tariff for information regarding fees for this service.